Leaning Into it Once Again

It seems that the universe is completely oblivious to the pathetic plans of us mere mortals. Back in early July, my life seemed to have settled into a regular routine again. I was looking forward to getting lots of work done and making real progress on my plans for my life.

Then my wife needed an entire week’s worth of medical testing before “minor” surgery. The surgery turned out to be not so minor and required a week of bed rest to recover. My brother became very ill and was bedridden, recovering just in time for previously scheduled major surgery of his own.

As for me, I had to make an urgent, unexpected trip back to the USA. Happily, there was a bright side to this trip, as I got to spend a few days with my wonderful daughter while up North.

Adding to the fun, I learned that I had developed a significant hormonal imbalance. This is forcing me to redesign my diet, my exercise program, and even my sleeping patterns.

Now that all this has blown over, it is time to get back to work. But I am not ready to get back into the regular Freer Tomorrow type of posts. First, I am going to write about this hormone thing that I am dealing with.

Why should you care about my hormone problems?

This issue that I am dealing with turns out to be a fairly common one. In particular, it manifests itself among men who are now in their 50’s, and grew up in the USA. In other words, guys like me and many of you. It is also something that is seldom tested for, so rarely diagnosed.

In my next post, I will tell you about the problem and what I am doing to try to resolve it. Chances are good that some of you are suffering from the same issue without knowing it. I hope sharing what I have learned will help you too.